About the blog name

Tolkien coined the term “Eucatastrophe” in his 1947 essay “On Fairy Stories” by sticking the prefix “Eu” on the front of “catastrophe.”  It refers to the moment in a story when all seems lost, and then a turn of fate or luck gives the heroes what they need to win.  A happy catastrophe. In Tolkien’s fiction, it usually involves giant eagles.

I end up talking about eucatastrophe a lot because my college students have a tough time with the term. Such moments walk the line with deus ex machina, and the only way to define the term is to feel it, that moment of “oh, thank god!”  It’s similar to the wonderful feeling I have when several disparate areas of my life or my studies suddenly converge and give new meaning to the each other–become one, new thing.  And that’s what I want this blog to be about.

About me

I teach college level fantasy lit, fantasy writing, dramatic lit, and composition part-time.  In the other part of my time, I write novels about LARPers.  And sometimes I give into my old theatre habit.


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