For the past three years, I’ve been developing a novel series. Though I used the worldbuilding techniques and theories of fantasy writing, Thornvaal is a location in our own, non-magical world (see below for more information).

I’m currently seeking representation for two of the novels: GRIFFIN, ANGEL and REALM OF HEROES.

For the novels’ characters, Thornvaal exists at three levels.

“Actual Thornvaal” is a 100 acre campground/old farm in Colrain, Massacusetts that houses the live action role playing (LARP) business the characters founded just out of high school. They also live on site and throw elaborate, theatrical LARPing events there.

“Imaginary Thornvaal” is the psuedo-medieval fantasy world developed by Helen, the series’s protagonist. While at a surface level, it’s another Tolkien rip-off, Helen’s fervent intersectional feminism informs the politics of imaginary Thornvaal in a way that gives it just enough difference to make it stand out, granting her a modicum of national success. Helen sets her pulp fantasy series and all the LARP events in imaginary Thornvaal.

“Virtual Thornvaal” is an online community run by Helen’s twin brother, Louis, a master manipulator and computer nerd extraordinaire. The site is a one stop paradise for Thornvaal discussion boards, fan fiction, online adventures, information about the business, and gossip about Thornvaal personalities. The intensity of the celebrity culture Louis has created around Helen generates a lot of income and interest in Thornvaal.


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